Tips to Design Stainless Steel Nameplates

PBS Engraving’s Tips to Design Stainless Steel Tags

It is not complicated to design stainless steel tags, yet since not all have experienced designing these kinds of tags, it is a good idea to take some tips from experts like PBS Engraving. Below are some of the best tips to keep your design straightforward and simple:
Keep Everything Sweet and Short
It is essential to keep your tag message sweet and short. Avoid some unnecessary words and try using abbreviations if it’s appropriate. You do not like to shorten words to the point of making a coded message, yet you may abbreviate if necessary. Usually, abbreviations for rooms and directions are the industry standard.

Use Easy to Read Fonts
Sadly, in terms of conduit and cable tags, there’s not much room for imagination and creativity. Stick to a font that’s easy to read and can be identified and scanned quickly by the eyes. A lot of people select Times New Roman or Arial to keep the font familiar and uniform.

Use the Right Process of Engraving
Consider the tags’ usage as well as the environment it’ll be exposed to. Typically, laser engraving is sufficient. It gives permanent black marking that’s easily read. But, if you are planning to use it on very harsh environment, you might want to consider the rotary engraved tags where the bit cuts in the metal, which leaves an exceptional mark. The text may be paint filled for good contrast. To know more about the different processes of engraving and the results, don’t hesitate to contact PBS Engraving.

Consider Using Straight Lines
Once your creative juices flow and you’re searching for more flair on tags, you may resist the urge. The letters shaped to fit the tag can be hard to read. You may also incorporate your company logo, yet ensure pertinent information is read easily, clear, and simple.

Try Using Capital Letters
It’s also necessary to use capital letters when you are designing stainless steel tags. Experts like PBS Engraving state that it takes the eyes extra two seconds to differentiate the font sizes. Utilizing all the capital letters of the font size will enable you quick readability.
Do you need help with designing your stainless steel tags? Well, there’s nothing you should worry about because PBS Engraving has many years of experience and familiar with the best practices and industry standards. PBS Engraving can also help you make an effective stainless steel tag that will help you get the work done and understood easily.
PBS Engraving has been in the industry since the year 1986. With the owner’s years of experience in electrical wholesale business, it specialized and focused in the manufacturing of safety signs, tags, and custom labels for the automation industry and industrial purposes. PBS Engraving is also the best custom shop. If you don’t see what you’re seeking for, never hesitate to contact PBS Engraving for all of your needs. With this, you can be assured that you will get the best results.

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