Metal Mixing – Why is it Like Building a House?

Music Mixing – Why is it Like Building a House?

If you want to learn how to mix music metal style. Read on.

Almost everything begins with a strong foundation and other things come after. You start building from the bottom up and just like starting with the foundation of your house before inserting the kitchen sink or windows, you will have to start adding effects and automation. Approaching the mix must be approached the same way as building your house. So, you have to begin with the foundation and construct from the bottom up.

Music Mixing and Its Foundations

In your mix, you need to look for the element on which everything is built. It’s typically the drum beat since drum kit supplies the rhythm and backbone to the song. It may also be a sustained bass line or pad. No matter what the thing is, ensure that it is an important part to make your mix strong and tight. That is why most engineers begin by mixing bass guitar and drum kit. They like to have their mix made from the bottom up before starting to add something in the décor.

Low End

When it comes to low-end and bass lines, you have to be frequency-wise. It is an important part of making the mix sound good. A thin or floaty low end may compromise a good sounding track. Too much low end may cloud up the mix as well as too little bass could make the mix sound weaker


Through noticing out the competing frequencies between low-end instruments, you will be able to make everything sounds much clearer. Boosting kick drum at 80Hz while cutting the same frequency in bass track simultaneously will help sculpt out space for every instrument.


You should filter out everything that does not have to be in lower frequencies. See to it that everything that is not filtered below 100 Hz has the right to be there. Usually, the area below 100 Hz is dominated by bass and kick drum only, yet there are times that some instruments require a bit extra weight if they’re the mix’s dominating elements.


Your bass guitar and kick drum by side-chaining bass guitar to kick drum. Through ducking bass guitar down several dBs with every hit, you will be able to clean up the section for rhythm effectively. Side-chaining may be used for various things like side-chaining 50 Hz sine wave for thicker kick drum sound and tightening up the synth sounds with that.

Start Music Mixing

Once you have gotten building blocks in place, you are ready to begin building. The common starting point after dealing with low end as well as the foundation is the vocals for the reason that it is an important aspect of the song. You might like to add rhythm instruments including synths and guitars for strengthening the foundation. But, once you do it, you have to ensure that the foundation is created and low end is stable as the house. Other things after that are just decorating.

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